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SH ELECTRONICS CO. is a Pune based and professionally managed manufacturing organization with more than three decades in its field of new era in electronics. The Company is engaged in the field of power electronics, telecommunication & digital electronics. Since two decade Company is in the field of Electrical Equipments like D’CONS Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers, CVT’s, Voltage Correctors, Transformers, SPM Control Panels, Computerized Controlled Water Conditioners, SMPS,DC-DC converters, Battery Chargers & Dischargers, Inverters & UPS. Well-Known “HOME PROTECTORS” ( high voltage preventors) for domestic & Industrial use. PMDC motor drives.

Since a decade Company is engaged in manufacturing high quality Welding Equipments like Welding Transformers, TIG Welding Machines, CO2/ Mig Welding Machines, Oxy-fuel & Plasma CNC profile cutting m/c.

The company is also engaged in providing CCD, DVR, Surveillance services to the corporate offices, banks, companies and institutions.
The company is run by a highly qualified and experienced team is managed by its people, believes in delegation of authority and our corporate policy encompasses views and opinions of all personnel and above all, our customers.

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